BLUE MAGIC – Window Cleaner

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Blue Magic is a powerful all purpose glass cleaner, which has been formulated to give a brilliant streak free finish and dirt resistant film to help prevent further soiling on glass, enamel, plastic and porcelain surfaces.

Perfect For:

  • The Shower Screen
  • Mirrors
  • Coffee Tables
  • Cabinets
  • Both the Inside and Outside of Windows
  • And More!

BLUE MAGIC leaves an invisible dirt resistant protective film. This makes all future cleans quicker and easier. BLUE MAGIC dries streak free and removes grime that others won’t.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If streaking does occur, add more water. As a high quality product it is very cost effective. Any streaking tells you that you are using too much product. ADD MORE WATER.


SPRAY ON/WIPE OFF: ( 1:10) 75Mls to a 750Ml spray bottle

GENERAL WASHING/SQUEEGING:  Dilute 1:100 or 50Mls to 5Litres of water.

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