Got questions about our Australian cleaning products?

Bushby Cleaning offers a huge range of industrial and commercial cleaning products for all Australian industries, from professional cleaners to commercial kitchens. Not only are our chemicals tough and effective, they are also environmentally friendly. If you want to know more about our innovative cleaning products, read though our list of frequently asked questions.

Are your chemicals suitable for commercial kitchens?

Yes, we have a full range of kitchen chemicals that are suited for commercial kitchens. We sell into a lot of government and private kitchens and conform to all the regulations required.

Do you supply chemicals for Apartment buildings and complexes?

Yes. We supply a large range of hospitality and janitorial chemicals from total bathroom cleaners to deodorisers, commercial kitchen, and some automobile chemicals.

Do you have AQUIS approved products?

Yes, we have a large range of ‘AQUIS’ and or ‘Fit For Purpose’ approved products. These are often required for food manufacturers that supply Woolworths and Coles to name a couple but are used in kitchens everywhere.

Are your products safe around pets?

Yes, most of them are. Just be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle and always rinse any surfaces off with water if you have concerns.

Are your ‘Greener’ chemicals as good as any normal chemicals we buy?

Yes, better! We won’t make or release a product unless it is equal to or better than what we know are market leading products. Results are what everyone wants. We provide that whilst making it safer for you at the same time.

Are all your ingredients Australian?

Not all. Unfortunately, Australia does not make all the raw materials we need so, we import the rest.

Do you dilute your products or use them as they come?

Majority of them are to be diluted. Our dilution rates can vary from 1-part chemical to 400 parts water, down to neat or ready to use. A dilutable product often provides the best value for money and is better for the environment as there are less plastics, labels, and materials required! Reduce your carbon foot print.

Do I need to be a business or have an A.B.N to purchase from you?

Not at all. We are open to anyone that wants to buy our products.

Are your products septic safe, or safe for biocycles?

Yes! A large majority of our products would be classified as septic safe. It is only our products that contain bleach that would be an issue.

Can we pay by card over the phone?

Certainly can. You can pay by card over the phone. For regular orders, credit applications can also be requested! B-Pay is available as well.

Are all your products classified as non-toxic?

Not all, but most of them are. Every time we upgrade our formulations to newer, safer, greener and generally better ingredients we strive to make them as safe as possible. Suitable for my children to use at home. We push to make our products as non-toxic, readily biodegradable, biodegradable, septic safe and phosphate free as possible. It is extremely important to us that our products do not contain any carcinogens.

Do you deliver?

Yes! If you live locally on the Gold Coast, we can deliver directly. Further out we have a lot of customers that buy in large quantities and we send them pallets of goods. Often these are resellers of our products. Not always. We also can have products sent via post or courier if you are not near a stockist. Call (07) 5539 2244 and we can discuss.